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Our INNOVATIVE Learning path

Visual Learning

Online Exam


Learning was never so easy , while watching you can learn and become master in any subject. You can learn according to your speed and sitting at your home. You get complete training of each subject with Our video training in hindi and basic English language.

Online Exam helps a student in testing his skills. Student can take practice assignments and then go for final exam.


Online Verification helps a student in getting job easily, because the certificate that the student have can be verified online very easily, so no one can challenge its authenticity.

Wonder English

Wonder English is a software developed by Smarto Systems, that can train you or your students in Spoken English.

Job Assistance

SmartO helps its students in increasing its chances of placement. We have an Open Job Portal where anyone can submit his/her resume, and this resume database is shown publically to everyone, from where anyone looking for a right candidate can get the resume freely. Its openness is its uniqueness, and this increases the chances of placement, as resumes are being displayed publicly.

After Completed Online/Study Center Training You Will Get Govt. Of India Certified Certificate To  Increase Opportunity to Join Your Dream Job.


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Smart Learning Process


Computer Basic Video Courses

Computer Basic

price RS. 3500 Offer Price RS. 2100

Learn MS Word step by step best suited for beginners

Step by step complete Microsoft Access Training in Hindi. Learn MS Access with visual training Now!

From Basics to Advance, Formulas as per Industry Requirement

An important tool to prepare presentation slides

Learn most important shortcuts & keys usage

All the new features of Windows 10 that everyone should learn

Step By Step Learn Internet

All the new features of Windows 7 that everyone should learn

Accounting Video Courses


price RS. 3500 Offer Price RS.2100

Learn Manual Accounting from Scratch

Accounting Rules & Entries in Tally ERP 9 as per industry

Know GST & its entries in Tally ERP 9 Release 6


Graphic Designing Video Courses

price RS. 6000 Offer Price RS.2400

Learn from Experts, the best Photoshop training for dummies

Learn From Experts, The best

Corel draw Training

Course designed by experts, Its an advanced designing tool

web design

Web Design & Development

Video Courses

price RS. 7500 Offer Price RS.4500

The core of Web designing is HTML, learn from scratch

Learn programming in Websites, PHP is for Web Functionality

HTML is incomplete without CSS, its for styling in HTML

HTML is incomplete without CSS, its for styling in HTML

Some ready programs of HTML & CSS as described in Videos

Wordpress is most used & has made Webdevelopment quiet easy

Software Programming

Video Courses


price RS. 10000 Offer Price RS.6000

The base of programming is known to be C Language

Most advanced programming language

C++ is based on C, additional following OOPS Concepts

Programmers love to learn Java, Learn Java very easily

Node.js is an open source server framework, uses JavaScript on server


Engineering Design Video Courses

price RS. 12500 Offer Price RS.7500

Designed for Mechanical Engineers, content is totally as per Industry

CATIA is a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design

Designed by Industry Experts, the one used in Electrical Engineering

SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design

Learn Autocad 3D step by step best suited for beginners

Hardware & Networking

Computer Hardware & Networking

Video Course

price RS. 7500 Offer Price RS.4500

Assembling Level Hardware course suitable for beginners.

advanced networking

Computer Advanced Networking

Video Course

price RS. 14000 Offer Price RS.8400

Microsoft Windows Server OS is a series of enterprise-class server operating systems designed to share services with multiple users and provide extensive administrative control of data storage

A Linux server is an efficient, powerful variant of the Linux open source operating system (OS). Linux servers are built to address the ever-increasing requirements of business applications like system and network administration

Routing and switching are the basic functions of network communication. ... The function of Switching is to switch data packets between devices on the same network (or same LAN - Local Area Network). 


Spoken English Video Course

If you know English, you are respected everywhere. It can change your lifestyle.